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What Is Periodontal Disease?

It is the primary cause of gum problems that can negatively affect your overall health.

Each patient is warmly welcomed as part of our Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry family. An integral part of this is our commitment to patient education and transparent care. With this in mind, we find many patients are not too sure about the impacts of periodontal disease and how it affects overall health. Dr. Laro, Dr. Poston, and Dr. Wade are vastly experienced in this area of dentistry and can provide some insight.

More commonly known as gum disease, this dental problem affects millions of Americans each year.

The disease begins when plaque starts to build up around the gum line and actually attacks your soft tissue. This negative bacteria embeds itself into the gum and, if left untreated, can cause common symptoms such as:

Our experienced experts are able to diagnose and treat common variations of periodontal disease, including:

  • Sensitive gums
  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums
  • Tooth loss

Gum disease not only impacts the mouth but can be evidence of whole-health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. By keeping your gums healthy, we can build a solid foundation for your overall well-being.

  • Gingivitis
  • Chronic periodontal disease
  • Aggressive periodontal disease

Did you know 50% of Americans are affected by gum disease?

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

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Restoring Your Gum Health

Our expert periodontists offer a number of effective solutions in the fight against gum disease.

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Periodontal Exams

As with general dental visits, we start all our treatments with a comprehensive oral evaluation. However, our main focus is your periodontal health and addressing your primary concerns. Your general dentist typically outlines the issue you are facing when they refer you, however, we still spend some time getting to know you before starting any procedure.

A typical periodontal exam includes:

  • Examination of your teeth and gums
  • Evaluation of your radiographs, which may include taking new x-rays and images
  • Gum disease evaluation

We may recommend a professional cleaning as well. Dr. Laro or Dr. Poston will walk you through your exam and provide insight into the ideal solution to your specific problem. They employ a gentle approach that utilizes modern technology for a more accurate diagnosis.

After discussing all of your treatment options we will create a custom-made plan that fits your specific needs and desired results. One of our experienced Treatment Coordinators will meet with you and help you navigate these steps to return you to optimal dental health.

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

The first line of defense against periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss is a solid at-home hygiene routine. Combining daily brushing and flossing with regular dental checkups, you can prevent gum disease. However, if gum disease has started, a professional cleaning may be needed to restore your smile.

Fully qualified and experienced dental hygienists perform our cleanings. Through specific training, our team has developed an effective yet gentle approach to teeth cleaning. During your hygiene visit, we assess your gum health and begin by removing hardened plaque from around the gum line.

Once all the plaque has been removed, we care for the aesthetics of your smile by polishing your teeth. This not only gives you a shimmering smile but removes any stains or leftover plaque deposits too.

If your periodontal disease is in a more advanced stage, then we may recommend a deeper cleaning that goes below the gum line.

Scaling & Root Planing

When gum disease has advanced, it may be necessary to remove bacteria from below the gum line. This can be achieved without surgery thanks to scaling and root planing. There are many benefits to this procedure, including:

  • Preventing the spread of gum disease
  • Protecting your teeth
  • Repairing your gums
  • Preventing painful symptoms

Normally this procedure begins by numbing your gums with a local anesthetic. Our more nervous patients may request sedation options as necessary. There are two stages to this deep cleaning:

Scaling: This deeper form of cleaning is performed using special instruments designed to remove plaque from your tooth and the tooth root.

Root Planing: The tooth root is carefully planed so as to remove more stubborn bacteria and promote good healing.

Your comfort is paramount to us throughout this treatment. We work together to ensure you feel minimal pain and enjoy the benefit of healthy gums.

Gum Grafting

When your teeth have been badly affected by gum disease, it can lead to the exposure of your tooth root. This is due to a receding gum line thanks to the progression of periodontal disease. If left untreated, it can lead to more serious health problems and an unattractive smile.

With the help of gum grafting, our Charleston periodontists can restore your smile’s function and beauty. The benefits are obvious from the outset with the new graft reducing sensitivity, improving appearance, and recovering your gum health.

A gum graft involves Dr. Laro or Dr. Poston first cleaning your teeth and removing buildup. Next, a local anesthetic is provided and the donor location is identified. The grafted tissue is then placed on the damaged area and secured.

A suture is often placed to stabilize the graft and surgical material is used to protect the site. Your gums then proceed to accept the new tissue with healing taking around six weeks.

We’ll continue to monitor the healing process and are available should you have any questions or concerns.

Gum Surgery

Dr. Laro, Dr. Poston, and Dr. Wade are true experts in the field of periodontics. There are various reasons you may need gum surgery, such as:

  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Receding gum line
  • Excess gum tissue
  • Damage caused by trauma

At the Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we are able to fix these dental problems through the use of modern technology and our advanced techniques. Combining these two elements, we can offer a variety of gum surgeries:

Crown Lengthening: If you have excess gum tissue, our team can realign your gum line so that more of your natural tooth shows. This procedure can be performed to help remove damaged gum tissue or for aesthetic purposes.

Gum Grafting: When your gum tissue has receded or become badly damaged, we may place a gum graft to restore the height of your gum line.

Bone Grafting: Much like a gum graft, a bone graft harvests material from elsewhere in your body or from a donor. The new bone is surgically placed over the damaged site and bonds with your natural bone.

These are just a few of the common surgeries our specialists can provide. During your consultation, our doctors will guide you to the ideal solution for your personal needs and will explain all your options.

Periodontal Therapy with LANAP®

LANAP® stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, which in simple terms, is a laser approach to treating gum disease. Using this state-of-the-art laser, our periodontists can provide faster care and magnificent results.

The benefits don’t stop there! LANAP® uses special laser light to eliminate bacteria that causes gum disease. Patients report a shorter recovery time, less swelling, and less sensitivity. Plus, there is no cutting or sewing, which lowers your discomfort levels too.

LANAP® can be used as part of periodontal therapy to restore the health of your gums and leave you with a confident smile.

Learn more about this innovative dental laser.

I procrastinated for far too long to have a gum graft. The procedure was completely painless! Dr. Laro was gentle and his expertise is obvious with his technique. Hopefully, I don’t need this procedure again, but I highly recommend Dr. Laro to anyone in need!

Jimmy S. (Actual Patient)

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